Privacy policy for global users

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Dear users,

This page is designed to help you understand the third-party tools we use, as well as the details of how we and these third-party tools collect your information.

Our website use Google Analysis and Google Adsense to enhance your browsing experience. Among these tools, please refer to their privacy policy pages: Google Analysis, Google Adsense.

Exclude the third-party tools mentioned above, we do not collect any of your information. And we won’t using technologies, such as Cookie, to track you.



我们的网页使用 Google Analysis 以及 Google Adsense 以增强您的浏览体验。有关这些工具,请参阅它们各自的隐私政策页面:Google Analysis, Google Adsense

除去上述的第三方工具以外,我们不会收集您的任何个人信息。我们也不会使用诸如 Cookie 等的技术,用以追踪您。